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1. Do you provide tracking numbers?

We provide tracking numbers for all orders from Canada and the US. For international orders we do not provide tracking numbers unless specifically requested (cost will be added to your order) due to the high cost and lengthy shipping time.

2. How long does it take for me to get my order?

All orders will be shipped within one to three weeks. Shipping times may vary but normally you will receive your package within 2 weeks of shipping. For international orders with a tracking number it can take 4-6 weeks.

3. How are your posters shipped?

All posters are carefully rolled with kraft paper and then placed in durable U-line telescopic tubes. Everything is sealed in clear packing tape.

4. What if my poster is damaged during shipping, can I get a new one?

We will replace posters if damaged during shipping. We request that you send a photo to us of the damaged package so that we can place a complaint with our shipping company. If the poster you ordered happens to be sold out we will replace your poster with any available poster of your choice or we will refund your order.

5. I want one of your posters that is not shown in your on-line store, why isn’t it listed?

This means we don’t have the poster available. It is either sold-out or we aren’t selling that particular poster.

6. I want one of your art print posters with the text on it.

However the posters are shown in the on-line store, this is how they will appear printed. If the image has no text, it is just an art print version and no text will appear on the printed poster.

7. How can I find out about new poster sales?

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We always post about our new poster sales.

Twitter: PhantomCityCrtv

Facebook: Phantom City Creative